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Nuisance Or Abandoned Vehicle Removal 


Thurston Vehicle Services a part of Thurston Scrap are contracted to work for a number of Suffolk councils, private parking contractors and bailiffs to remove offending vehicles for ELV scrap or impound storage.


Often with immobilized vehicles that cannot be dragged or be further damaged, we have a number of total lift streetlifters. There has never been a situation where a vehicle has failed to be removed.

We follow strict guidelines and do not remove a vehicle unless it has been authorized by an agent of those authorities.

Here are some examples of when a vehicle can be removed.

  • Parked in a position causing danger or a serious health and safety obstruction/hazard to other road users or pedestrians.

  • Parked in a formal disabled bay.

  • Parked in a suspended bay.

  • In an operational bus lane or at a bus stop.

  • Being a persistent evader ie. if you have 3 or more outstanding penalty charge notices.

  • Parked obstructing a dropped footway.

  • Contravening a loading ban.

  • Parked in a bay reserved for specific users e.g. doctors, police etc.

  • Parked on school keep clear markings.

  • Footway parking

Abandoned vehicles are blight to a community and drain on council funds. T.V.S take pride in the fact that one of our main roles is to assist local councils in collecting and responsibly disposing of any vehicle that has been abandoned.

Local councils are responsible for the removal of abandoned vehicles, whether it be on the public highway or private land. Please click HERE to connect to your local council.

Scrap A Vehicle  

If you have a vehicle yourself, that is no longer any use do not abandon it! please click HERE to visit Thurston Scrap, fill out the scrap vehicle request form and we will arrange to collect it, normally within 24 hours of contact.

Vehicle Pound Management & Storage  


We have a duty of care to ensure that vehicles and the property inside belonging to others are looked after. From the moment we remove a vehicle, our highly trained staff are tasked with ensuring that no harm should come to the property or vehicle in our care. Our pound is extra secure and fully security manned and managed 24 hours 7 days a week 365 days a year.

In the event that your vehicle has been towed, it is essential that you bring with you the correct documentation as well as full payment before you can drive your car away!

Public/Private Vehicle Storage


We also offer open air secure vehicle storage to the public at our 3 acre site in Bury St Edmunds Suffolk charged at £21 per day per car or light commercial vehicle. Due to the nature of our impound facility, holding vehicles for local authorities and law enforcement for public customers once your vehicle is accepted into storage you will have no access to the vehicle until the date you choose to remove it although if accident damaged your insurance company can arrange an appointment with the office to access your vehicle for assessment purposes.